United Kingdom Distances
United Kingdom Distances

Overview of United Kingdom

Time in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom hour
Time zone : Europe/London
  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Capital : London
  • Population : 62,348,447
  • Country code (Iso) : GB / GBR
  • Dialing code : +44 / 0044
  • Currency : Pound

Weather in London

  • Temperatures : 16/18°C
  • Wind : 5.1 km/h
  • Pressure : 1020 hPa
  • Air humidity : 72 %
  • Cloud cover : 80 %
  • Sunrise : 05 h 52
  • Sunset : 17 h 50
  • Daylight hours : 11 h 57

United Kingdom country

The capital of United Kingdom is London, where the time zone is Europe/London and the zone name is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/BST). The population of United Kingdom is around 62,348,447 inhabitants and the area is ​​244,820 km2.

The currency of United Kingdom is the Pound and the internet extenstion (tld) is the .uk. The GDP of United Kingdom is 2,490 billion dollars, which is about an average per capita GDP of 39,937 dollars.

The purpose of this website is to give you assistance to determine distances between cities et useful places. You will be able to find any destination in the 4 constituants countries of United Kingdom, and get details and roadmaps for common travel modes (By car, by bike, by foot or public transportation).

United Kingdom administratives levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelAdmin name Total
Overseas Territories Admin level 1Overseas Territories12
Constituent countries Admin level 1Constituent countries4
Crown Dependencies Admin level 1Crown Dependencies3
District Council areas Admin level 2District Council areas26
Council areas Admin level 2Council areas32
Regions Admin level 2Regions9
Principal areas Admin level 2Principal areas22
Shire counties Admin level 3Shire counties27
Unitary Authorities Admin level 3Unitary Authorities56
Metropolitan counties Admin level 3Metropolitan counties6
Wards Admin level 4Wards2863
Non-metropolitan districts Admin level 4Non-metropolitan districts201
London boroughs Admin level 4London boroughs33
Metropolitan boroughs Admin level 4Metropolitan boroughs36

More details about United Kingdom

Time zoneEurope/London
Population62,348,447 inhabitants
Total area244,820 km2
Internet Tlduk
Telephone code+44
Internet hosts8,107,000
Internet users51,444,000 (82.51%)
Mobile phones in circulation82,109,000
Gross domestic product (GDP)2,490 billion dollars
GDP per capita39,937 dollars

Main cities in United Kingdom

London (ENG)7,556,900 inhabitants
City of London (ENG)7,556,900 inhabitants
Birmingham (ENG)984,333 inhabitants
Glasgow (SCT)610,268 inhabitants
Liverpool (ENG)468,945 inhabitants
Leeds (ENG)455,123 inhabitants
Sheffield (ENG)447,047 inhabitants
Edinburgh (SCT)435,791 inhabitants
Bristol (ENG)430,713 inhabitants
Manchester (ENG)395,515 inhabitants
Leicester (ENG)339,239 inhabitants
Islington (ENG)319,143 inhabitants
Coventry (ENG)308,313 inhabitants
Hull (ENG)302,296 inhabitants
Cardiff (WLS)302,139 inhabitants
Bradford (ENG)299,310 inhabitants
Belfast (NIR)274,770 inhabitants
Stoke-on-Trent (ENG)260,419 inhabitants
Wolverhampton (ENG)252,791 inhabitants
Plymouth (ENG)247,297 inhabitants
Nottingham (ENG)246,654 inhabitants
Southampton (ENG)246,201 inhabitants
Reading (ENG)244,070 inhabitants
Derby (ENG)235,029 inhabitants
Bexley (ENG)228,000 inhabitants
Dudley (ENG)199,059 inhabitants
Northampton (ENG)197,322 inhabitants
Portsmouth (ENG)194,150 inhabitants
Luton (ENG)193,669 inhabitants
Newcastle upon Tyne (ENG)192,382 inhabitants
Preston (ENG)190,687 inhabitants
Sutton (ENG)187,600 inhabitants
Milton Keynes (ENG)184,506 inhabitants
Aberdeen (SCT)183,790 inhabitants
Sunderland (ENG)177,965 inhabitants
Norwich (ENG)177,636 inhabitants
Walsall (ENG)172,141 inhabitants
Swansea (WLS)170,883 inhabitants
Bournemouth (ENG)163,600 inhabitants
Southend-on-Sea (ENG)163,377 inhabitants
Swindon (ENG)155,432 inhabitants
Oxford (ENG)154,566 inhabitants
Dundee (SCT)151,592 inhabitants
Poole (ENG)150,092 inhabitants
Huddersfield (ENG)149,017 inhabitants
York (ENG)144,202 inhabitants
Ipswich (ENG)143,767 inhabitants
Blackpool (ENG)143,101 inhabitants
Middlesbrough (ENG)142,707 inhabitants
Bolton (ENG)141,331 inhabitants
Peterborough (ENG)140,141 inhabitants
Stockport (ENG)139,052 inhabitants
Brighton (ENG)139,001 inhabitants
Telford (ENG)138,241 inhabitants
West Bromwich (ENG)135,618 inhabitants
Slough (ENG)134,072 inhabitants
Gloucester (ENG)128,721 inhabitants
Cambridge (ENG)128,488 inhabitants
Watford (ENG)125,707 inhabitants
Rotherham (ENG)117,618 inhabitants
Newport (WLS)117,326 inhabitants
Exeter (ENG)113,118 inhabitants
Eastbourne (ENG)112,906 inhabitants
Mendip (ENG)110,000 inhabitants
Colchester (ENG)109,414 inhabitants
Dagenham (ENG)108,368 inhabitants
Crawley (ENG)107,061 inhabitants
Sutton Coldfield (ENG)107,030 inhabitants
Blackburn (ENG)106,154 inhabitants
Oldham (ENG)104,782 inhabitants

United Kingdom : 4 Constituent countries

England50,000,000 inhabitants
Northern Ireland1,829,700 inhabitants
Scotland5,000,000 inhabitants
Wales3,000,000 inhabitants

Distances and routes in other countries

You can access to distance direction calculator by following links in underneath table :

USA Distances318,900,000 inhabitants9,834,000 km2
Hong Kong Distances79,235,000 inhabitants1104 km2
Canada Distances35,160,000 inhabitants9,984,670 km2
France Distances64,768,389 inhabitants547,030 km2
Japan Distances127,288,000 inhabitants377,835 km2
Italy Distances59,830,000 inhabitants301,336 km2
Australia Distances23,130,000 inhabitants7,692,000 km2
Find more information on distances and routes from other countries on countrybox.info with specific details about each city.

Major airports in United Kingdom

Cambridge International Airport (ENG)
Duxford Airport (ENG)
Peterborough Business Airport (ENG)
Peterborough/Sibson Airport (ENG)
Newquay Cornwall Airport (ENG)
Land's End Airport (ENG)
Carlisle Lake District Airport (ENG)
Barrow/Walney Island Airport (ENG)
Durham Tees Valley Airport (ENG)
Exeter Airport (ENG)
Bournemouth Airport (ENG)
London Southend Airport (ENG)
Stansted Airport (ENG)
Wethersfield Airport (ENG)
Gloucestershire Airport (ENG)
Farnborough Airport (ENG)
Lasham Airport (ENG)
Blackbushe Airport (ENG)
Bembridge Airport (ENG)
Isle of Wight/Sandown Airport (ENG)
Lydd Airport (ENG)
Kent International Airport (ENG)
Ramsgate Airport (ENG)
London Heathrow Airport (ENG)
London Biggin Hill Airport (ENG)
London City Airport (ENG)
Blackpool Airport (ENG)
Warton Airport (ENG)
Leeds Bradford International Airport (ENG)
East Midlands Airport (ENG)
Liverpool Airport (ENG)
Luton Airport (ENG)
Manchester Airport (ENG)
Rochester Airport (ENG)
Newcastle International Airport (ENG)
Norwich International Airport (ENG)
North Denes Airport (ENG)
Old Buckenham Airport (ENG)
Humberside International airport (ENG)
Bristol Airport (ENG)
Nottingham Airport (ENG)
Retford Gamston Airport (ENG)
London Oxford Airport (ENG)
Plymouth City Airport (ENG)
Portsmouth Airport (ENG)
Birmingham Airport (ENG)
Yeovil/Westland Airport (ENG)
Wolverhampton Airport (ENG)
Beccles Airport (ENG)
Fairoaks Airport (ENG)
Coventry Airport (ENG)
Brighton Shoreham Airport (ENG)
London Gatwick Airport (ENG)
Chichester/Goodwood Airport (ENG)
Cranfield Airport (ENG)
St Mary's Airport (ENG)
Enniskillen Airport (NIR)
Newtownards Airport (NIR)
Belfast International Airport (NIR)
George Best Belfast City Airport (NIR)
Ballykelly Airport (NIR)
City of Derry Airport (NIR)
Aberdeen International Airport (SCT)
Campbeltown Airport (SCT)
Islay Airport (SCT)
Tiree Airport (SCT)
Oban Airport (SCT)
Coll Airport (SCT)
Dundee Riverside Airport (SCT)
Edinburgh Airport (SCT)
Fife Airport (SCT)
Wick Airport (SCT)
Inverness Dalcross Airport (SCT)
Dornoch Airport (SCT)
Cumbernauld Airport (SCT)
Kirkwall Airport (SCT)
Eday Airport (SCT)
North Ronaldsay Airport (SCT)
Stronsay Airport (SCT)
Sanday Airport (SCT)

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